Wedding Bouncy Castles Are The Trend Couples Are Jumping On

You might associate bouncy castles with the birthday parties of your youth. But these days, grown-up brides and grooms are jumping at the chance to include one of these inflatables in their wedding day celebration.

Tom Robinson, owner of Mr. Bouncy Castle, a rental company based in Kent, U.K, told HuffPost that he started offering white bouncy castles (instead of the multicolor ones you’re probably familiar with) for weddings about six years ago. Since then, thanks in large part to social media, the trend has taken off.

“The idea came from a wedding planner who asked if I had a white bouncy castle. At the time there were none available to buy so I had one made,” he said. “I quickly discovered that it was very difficult to keep them clean and had to increase the hire price significantly. But the rise in price did not temper demand.”

Robinson charges the equivalent of about $360 to rent the white bouncy castle for the day, but noted the price increases if the venue requires a staff member to supervise or if they add a generator rental to the package.

Bride Tor Cox had always wanted a bouncy castle at her wedding, though she and her then-fiancé Duncan nixed the idea during the planning process, deeming it “a bit extravagant.” But thanks to a sweet surprise from her groom, Cox did end up having one at her April 2018 wedding in Cornwall, U.K.

“It brought a new level of fun to the day,” she told HuffPost. “We only had four children there on the day, so this really was mainly for adult entertainment, which made it even better.”

But Cox did offer a word of warning to those jumping around in their wedding finery: “One of our bridesmaids did fall victim to the excitement of the bouncing and ripped her dress, but thankfully the girls managed to keep this a secret until after.”

Below, see more photos from couples who decided to jump on the bouncy castle trend: