This Is The Kind Of Love All Of Us Deserve To Experience In Life

I’m sick and tired of living in a society that doesn’t know how to express a pure emotion.

We all deserve to experience the feeling of true love. We all deserve to be loved, you know?

Every single one of us deserves to feel wanted, respected, needed and treasured.

We all deserve to find that special person in life and give ourselves completely. We deserve to feel free to open our hearts to the possibility of love, instead of feeling terrified that some inconsiderate asshole might break our heart into million pieces and leave us hopeless.

We all deserve love as soft as rose petals, but at the same time as strong as steel.

We all deserve someone who will think of us. All day, every day… Until eternity.

We all deserve to be in the arms of a person who will hold us and caress our head while we’re at our most vulnerable state. Someone who will hug us and kiss our forehead until we fall asleep. Someone who will look at us while we sleep and feel at peace by simply laying next to us.

We all deserve to be loved with all intensity, and we all deserve to experience love through all its glorious dimensions.

We all deserve to know how others truly feel about us. None of those ‘modern-dating’, ‘hard-to-get’ games people are playing these days.

We all deserve to be with someone who will challenge us and help us overcome the dangerous obstacles along the way. 

We all deserve a person who will stand right next to us, hold our hand and fight against everything that terrifies and threatens us.

We all deserve someone who will be brave for us when we don’t have the strength to pick ourselves up and move on. Someone who will find all the missing pieces of our heart, glue them up together and make us believe in love once again.

We all deserve the kind of love that will welcome all our emotional baggage, help us with the heavy load, alleviate us and grow us the pair of wings we desperately needed. We all deserve the kind of love that will push us forward, not put us down.

We all deserve that stupid, crazy, magical, mad, passionate, wild, all-consuming, deep, ‘they-give-me-butterflies kind of love. We deserve to be happy. And we deserve to be with someone who will make us feel special. Like maybe we’re magic.

We all deserve a person’s full attention. We all deserve someone who will really see our true beauty inside our hearts and accept us for who we are. Someone who will make us their first choice. Their best bud. Their family. Their soulmate. Their whole world. Their future. Their eternity.

We all deserve to experience this kind of love.

So, please… don’t ever give up until you find it.

A professional writer with many years of experience in the fields of psychology, human relationships, science, and spirituality.