This Goes To The Girl Who Thinks She Isn’t Good Enough

When you make a decision to leave someone and make them a part of your past, pay attention to what you say to that person. When you say your final goodbye, think twice about how you’re going to do that. Think twice about what words you’re going to use.

Because words have power. Because once you say them loud, you can’t take them back. Because words can kill someone’s happiness, strength, and hopes.

You see, there’s this girl who looks pretty normal on the outside. She’s smart and beautiful. She looks self-confident, fulfilled, and happy. She appears like she doesn’t have a single care on her mind.

Yet, her real life is a completely different story.

Underneath her strong, confident surface, there’s a person who feels empty and lost. A person who is struggling to accept her insecurities, fears, and mistakes. A person who thinks she is not good enough.

But she wasn’t always like this. She was a confident, happy girl and she unselfishly shared her happiness with others. She believed in the goodness of people and trusted them.  She loved life.

But, then she fell in love with a guy who never saw her real worth and beauty. Maybe he couldn’t see it or maybe he didn’t want to see it. It doesn’t matter now. It’s too late.

Because his inability to treat and cherish her as she deserves turned her into the person she is today.

Can you imagine what it feels like to be ignored by the person you love the most day after day? Can you imagine what it feels like to wait for and hope someone to look at you the way you look at them – with eyes full of warmth, tenderness, and love?

Can you imagine what it feels like when the person who means the world to you and who you make your priority doesn’t miss a day to remind you how useless, dumb, and unworthy you are?

Well, if you’ve never been in situations like these, don’t even try imagining it. Because it hurts. It hurts a lot. And this is exactly what this girl’s “Prince Charming” put her through.

She loved a guy who made her feel unworthy. A guy who pointed out her weaknesses. A guy who instead of helping her overcome her insecurities and fears, he made her feel even worse.

He made her doubt her strength and abilities. He made her forgot about the person she was before she met him.

And today she’s half  the person she once was. Today she feels empty. She doubts every step she makes, every plan, every decision, every word she says and every feeling she feels.

Life has knocked her down many times, and now she struggling to find the strength to lift herself up and move on. She’s struggling to find the purpose to live.

She keeps blaming herself for every person who left her. She thinks she wasn’t good enough for them. She keeps asking herself if she would be better for them if she’d smiled more, if she’d tried more.

But what else was there for her to do. She did everything she could. She made them her priority and neglected her own needs and feelings. She lived their life not hers.

This girl needs to understand that it was nothing her fault. She dated someone who didn’t deserve her and that’s all. She needs to understand that the one who deserves her love and trust will find his way to her and until then she has to stay strong.


Riley Cooper is a professional writer who writes informative and creative articles on topics related to various fields of study. Written with love and enthusiasm, her articles inspire readers to broaden their knowledge of the world, think and get ready to act.