Oprah Reveals What She’d Do If Gayle King And Stedman Slept Together

Like most besties, Oprah Winfrey and Gayle King enjoy and share many things together: tequila-filled trips to the island of Ibiza with the rich and famous, pairs of underwear (!!), birthday celebrations with family and friends.

But there’s one thing the duo will never share: Mr. Stedman Graham, aka Oprah’s boyfriend of over 30 years. Gayle would NEVER go there.

Stedman, Oprah and Gayle King at The 21st Annual Daytime Emmy Awards. 

How do we know this? In the latest episode of the pair’s YouTube advice show “The OG Chronicles,” a viewer asked them whether it was OK for her to secretly exchange flirty texts with her sister’s ex-boyfriend.

Oprah and Gayle, firm believers in girl code as they are, were not having it. In fact, the question reminded O of a conversation she and Gayle had back in her early talk show days.

“This is interesting. Years ago, I think I’d been dating Stedman… I don’t know. I’ve been dating him since 1775. So we’ve been together a long time,” she joked. “But early on in our relationship, I was doing these shows [like] ‘My sister slept with my sister’s husband’ or ‘My sister slept with my boyfriend,’ and all that. And Gayle said…”

“If you ever catch me and Stedman, you know, boinking around, fooling around, you catch us in bed,” Gayle interjected. “Oprah shouldn’t even be mad at me because she should say I’ve lost my mind. Take me to the hospital. You shouldn’t even be upset.”

“[Gayle] goes, ’Call someone. Put me in the jackets and have me carried off because you will know that I have lost my mind,’” Oprah said, as Gayle nodded along in agreement: “Lost my mind.”

Plus, as Gayle noted, “You should be mad at him.”

In other Oprah-Gayle news this week, O gave props to her ride-or-die on Wednesday for being selected as one of TIME Magazine’s 100 most influential people.

“So proud of you @gayleking! And you @Ava [DuVernay] for capturing the spirit of her in your words. #TIME100,” she wrote on Instagram.

Go, Gayle! Here’s hoping they head off on another cross-country road trip to celebrate ― or at least another shopping trip where Oprah buys so much, it legit looks like she and her bags are going to topple over.