It Takes A Real Man To Truly Love And Cherish A Badass, Alpha Female

Strong women are self-sufficient, brave and independent human beings, who, believe it or not, have the biggest hearts in the Universe. They may seem heartless and distant, but when these beautiful souls love, they do it from the bottom of their heart.

So, if you feel like you’re not ready to give yourself to her, don’t string her along. Don’t lie to her. Let me stop you before you even try to lure her in and waste your energy in vain. Your manipulative, childish games won’t work on her.

I’ve said it before and I will say it again. If you are not ready to be challenged and loved everyone should be, don’t bother to chase her.

It takes a real man to understand this woman’s unique nature and truly fall in love with her. It takes someone with a pure and an open heart to love her like she should be loved.

Fiercely and fearlessly.

Because this woman is nothing like those girls you’ve met before. She’s a warrior. She is not afraid to risk. She makes bold moves. She works hard for the things she wants. She knows exactly how much she’s worth and she won’t stop chasing her dreams for no one.

Don’t kid yourself, this woman is not a yes woman. She won’t agree with you on anything and everything. She won’t follow your journey just because you two are together. But, she will always be by your side, rooting for you and supporting every step you make.

So, don’t date her if you see her as your temporary fling. Don’t date her if you think that that there are “plenty fish in the sea”. Don’t string her along if you’re not in this for real. If there’s someone else on your agenda, please just get out of her way.

She has literally raised herself. She has spent her life taking care of herself, and she will continue doing that. The only thing she wants in life is an equally matured partner who won’t complete her, but rather upgrade her.

Someone who won’t be intimidated by her big steps and strong desire to grow even higher. Someone who will motivate her to fly and explore everything this world has to offer. Someone who will respect her independence, not keep her from being heard. Someone who will appreciate her individually, not mock her for being different.

If you think that you can be this person for her, then do it.

But, if you’re not ready to date her and commit to her, then please leave her alone.

She will never settle for an average, half-assed love. So, please don’t condemn her to a life without love. Let her find her destined path and let her experience love in all its intensity.

It takes a real man to truly love, cherish and understand this delicate human being.

If you are not ready to be her everything, leave her be.

A professional writer with many years of experience in the fields of psychology, human relationships, science, and spirituality.