If You’re Going To Love – Love Fully

If you’re going to love, love truly. Show the person you’re with that you care about them. Look at their eyes. Hug them warmly and kiss them passionately. Show them they mean the world to you. Show them they’re the only person in your life.

If you’re going to love, love like there’s no tomorrow. Love like there’s no tonight, like there’s no next week. Love them right today. Love them like they’re the best thing that has ever happened to you.

If you’re going to love, love like you can’t get enough of them. Love like you can’t get enough of their smell, touch, laughter, warmth. Love like their presence is what makes you the happiest person in the world. Love like you can’t live without them.

If you’re going to love, love openly. Don’t make them doubt your feelings for them. Feel free to wear your heart on your sleeve. Don’t hesitate to undress your soul in front of them. Don’t be ashamed to expose your vulnerable sides. Let them get to know you to the core.

If you’re going to love, love like you’ve never had your heart broken. Love like your soul is free of scars. Love like all your wounds have been healed. Love like you don’t know what a one-sided relationship and unrequited love feel like. Love like you’ve never been lied to and hurt. Love like you’ve never experienced a heartbreak.

If you’re going to love, love with eagerness. Show that you’re always there for them. That you’re willing to listen to them patiently because their words have a meaning for you. Show them you love them with your actions, not only words. Make them your choice every single day.

If you’re going to love, love fully. Love with every bit of your heart. Love with your entire heart, mind, and body. Love with every fiber of your being. Invest time and efforts into the relationship. Be willing to make compromises and sacrifices. Commit yourself fully to that person.


Riley Cooper is a professional writer who writes informative and creative articles on topics related to various fields of study. Written with love and enthusiasm, her articles inspire readers to broaden their knowledge of the world, think and get ready to act.