I Am Raising My Sons To Respect And Love Their Wives The Way They Love Me

I have two sons and I am raising them to respect and love their wives the way they love me.

I know that they won’t always be these cute, little boys. Time passes so fast and they’ll be grown, mature men before I can blink.

I know that one day, they’ll leave me for the women who’ll steal their hearts. They’ll be women who won’t have memories of their husbands when they were kids. Women who won’t have watched them grow up. Women who won’t know what they’ve been through.

They’ll be women who won’t know that I’ve given my best to help my two boys grow into healthy, responsible, kind, and honest men.

I know that one day, my sons will leave home and that’s okay.

But I need my two boys to know that their mother will always be there for them but I also need them to understand that their mom will not always be their one and only.

And that’s fine.

It is my duty as their mother to give them a life full of unconditional love and support and pleasant memories.

It’s my duty to be there for them whenever they need me. It’s my responsibility to be someone that they’ll know they can always rely on.

It’s my duty to help them establish goals, believe in themselves, and pursue their dreams.

It’s my duty to keep them from making mistakes and give them advice when they have to make important decisions and choices.

But it is not my duty to tell them who to love.

But when they choose the woman of their lives, I want my sons to care for and love their wives wholeheartedly and unconditionally.

I want my boys to love their wives freely and fully, without fearing that I may feel less loved. I want for each one of them to know that it’s okay for him to make his wife the center of his world. It’s okay for him to always be there for her and make her his one and only.

It is my duty to ensure that each of my sons never feels like he has to choose between his mother and wife. It’s my duty to ensure they never feel like they owe something to me or that loving their wives means they no longer love me.

I want them to know that they can love us both.

It’s my duty to raise each one of them to be the kind of man and husband his wife deserves. The kind of man who treats his wife with kindness, compassion, affection, and dignity. The kind of man who cherishes his wife and knows her worth.

It’s my duty to raise my sons to respect and love their wives the way they respect and love me.

It’s my duty to raise sons who will know the true importance of marriage and marriage vows.

It’s my duty to teach my sons the most important lesson of all – how to love.