Enough Is Enough – I’m Done Waiting For You

I’m done waiting forever for you to respond to my messages and answer my calls. I’ll no longer check my phone a thousand times a day to see if you’ve texted me. I’ll no longer vex myself with worries about why you’re not responding to my phone calls and messages. I’ll no longer allow my thoughts of you keep me distracted and prevent me from focusing on other important things in my life.

I’m done making you the center of my world. I’ll no longer rearrange my priorities so as to fit myself into your “busy” schedule. I’ll no longer tolerate you canceling plans with me in the last moment because your friends called you and invited you to a party. I’ll no longer give you chances to hurt my feelings.

I’m done wondering where I stand with you. I’m done wondering whether you want a serious relationship or what we have is just “casual.”

I’ll no longer play your little mind games. I’ll no longer allow you to manipulate me and play with my feelings. I’ll no longer let you take advantage of me, my kindness, and my love for you.

I’m done letting you weaken my confidence. I’ll no longer allow you to make me feel like I’m a dumb, unimportant, or like you fancy calling me: “overly emotional” and “too dramatic.” I’ll no longer allow you to shift the blame onto me for your own mistakes. I’m done being your scapegoat. Your doormat. Your favorite pastime.

I’m done fighting for you. I’m done waiting for you to notice me and pay attention to me. I’m sick and tired of waiting for your love, kisses, hugs.

I’m done fighting for someone who doesn’t even deserve a bit of my attention.

I’m done believing your lies, empty promises, and lame excuses. I’m done falling for your compliments, sweet, words.

You’ll no longer fool me with your charm.

I’m done tearing myself into pieces so as to keep you complete.

I’m done chasing after you.

I know who I am. I know my worth and I know how I deserve to be treated. That’s why I’m letting go of you.


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