Atlanta Headshot Photographer: Making a Great First Impression Doesn’t Have to Be Hard

Photo by Kris Janovitz

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I think we all agree at this point that professional headshots are important for your company. Think about when you’re searching for an individual or a company that you may potentially hire… as the client, we tend to process a first impression within seconds. If you open a website or search out someone’s LinkedIn account and those pages are subpar, you’ll move on quickly until you find a more professional looking individual or company.

So let’s talk about appearances. You are your name and “brand”. Potential clients decide very quickly when they meet you or see your headshot if they feel a connection with you and your business. Does your current headshot look like you are approachable, professional, confident? All of these are important features of your or your company’s brand. It’s important to have the perfect headshot that you can share with your future customer. Let’s get you the perfect atlanta headshot.

Hire A Professional To Look Professional

Professionally photographed headshots can be spot a mile away. Photographers know lighting, posing and use high quality equipment to deliver the most professional looking headshots. You have experience in your field that sets you apart from others. A professional photographer will create an image for you that will represent who you are and what you do. When a potential client views your profile or website, there will be little doubt that you are confident and are the one they’re looking for.

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Shearwater Aero Capital

Use images from the same photo shoot to ensure consistency

I don’t know about you but I tend to stalk (in a not creepy way at all, promise) potential collaborators or an individual I may want to work with. When someone uses the same image or images with similar looks, it makes it so much easier to find the across platforms. Spotting someone’s profile is much quicker so that a potential client can identify you right away from LinkedIn to your website to Twitter, etc.

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LinkedIn Profile

Have your team photos all taken at the same time for even more consistency!

I mean…. you can tell these were all taken at the same time, right? When a potential client sees your profile photo and then searches for your company, they can easily spot employees, coworkers or board members who represent your brand. This gives your company a more cohesive and polished look that speaks to your professionalism and attention to detail. Which are important for your brand.

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