9 Unusual Behaviors That Reveal You Are An Authentic Empath

Being an empath can be both a blessing and a curse. While possessing this unique gift enables you to sense other people’s feelings, energy, and state of mind and protect yourself from being hurt and manipulated by negative, phony, dishonest people, it can oftentimes make you feel stressed out and drained.

However, I’d like to make one thing clear: if you’ve been suspecting for a while that you might be an empath and you want to know how exactly empaths behave, know that you’re not a victim or weird – as many people tend to think of empaths.

Yes, being an empath is certainly not easy, but once you learn the ways you can protect your mental and emotional health, it’ll be much easier for you to navigate through life without feeling constantly stressed out and drained.

So, here are 9 unusual behaviors that reveal you fit into the category of authentic empaths:

1. You’re extremely intuitive.

We all have high levels of intuition, right? In fact, no. As an authentic empath, you possess skills that other people don’t appear to have. You can tell how someone is feeling only by looking at them.

Their eyes, facial expressions, body movements, and the tone of their voice are enough for you to sense their feelings and thoughts. They don’t need to tell you how they’re feeling or what they’re going through.  Your gut will tell you everything you need to know.

2. You internalize other people’s energy.

You feel other people’s feelings and energy and then you start vibrating to the same emotions and energy. Thus, if someone is happy, you can feel your heart jumping with joy. Or if someone is angry, you feel strong feelings of anger in every nerve of your body and you feel like you can’t do anything to stop it.

However, once you become aware that other (non-empathic) people don’t do any of these things, it’ll be easier for you to find solution to this.

 3. You’re highly sensitive.

You can’t stand seeing any living thing suffering since this causes you to feel the same amount of pain and suffer alongside them. Sometimes you can even feel the physical symptoms related to what others are going through.

When you see violent scenes or a hurt animal, or a person going through emotional or physical pain on the TV, you immediately change the channel because you can’t endure seeing others suffer.

4. Crowds affect you negatively.

Crowded, loud places, events, or parties can be very overwhelming for you. Busy places, such as bars, clubs, restaurants, malls, and any kind of social gathering makes you feel uncomfortable and drained because all kinds of emotions and energy are coming at you from all directions at the same time.

That’s why you tend to avoid places and events that involve huge crowds. However, chances are you won’t always be able to avoid crowded places, if you want to make yourself feel less stressed and overwhelmed, at least make sure you avoid negative and aggressive people.

 5. People easily drain your energy.

It’s in your nature to always be there for others when they need your help and support. You simply can’t help it. When you’re around other people, you feel and internalize both their positive and negative feelings and you’re left feeling emotionally, mentally, and physically drained as a result.

However, you need to understand that by always giving away your energy to others so willfully and unselfishly, you do not have much left for yourself. As a result, you become more and more tired and perhaps even annoyed, stressed out, frustrated, or angry.

What you should to protect your overall health is to take more care of your own feelings, needs, state of mind, and problems. And since helping others is something that you simply can’t stop doing, at least make sure you give away your time and energy to those who really deserve them and truly love and respect you and avoid those that just want to take advantage of your kindness.

6. You easily detect lies.

This ability is one of the reasons why being an empath is a blessing. You can spot a lie from a mile. You can’t explain to yourself how you know that a person is lying to you, but you simply always feel that.

Although you can’t always prove that someone is trying to manipulate and lie to you, this ability is beneficial for you because it enables you to protect yourself from manipulative, dishonest people who just want to take advantage of you and it helps you know who to trust and who not to.

7. You attract broken people.

People can sense when someone is compassionate, caring, and always willing to help. And the nature of your character attracts people who are vulnerable, weak, and need help. So, people you know can often approach you and ask for your advice, help, or support. Don’t be surprised if someone you’ve never met before taps you on the shoulder at work or in a public place and asks you to help them.

While it’s nice helping others, you need to know that if you never say no to other people when they come to you asking for your help, this will inevitably drain your energy and leave you unable to take care of your own needs and problems. Therefore, you need to make sure you help others only when you feel ready and willing to do that.

8. You’re sensitive about your place of living.

Because crowded, loud places make most empaths feel drained and stressed out, many of them choose to live in a small area where the population is not very dense. So, if you prefer to live in a place which is calm, quiet, and situated close to nature, now you know why that is so.

9. You ignore your own problems.

You’re always there to help others solve their problems and alleviate their pain, buy you often ignore and even completely forget to take care of your own. You need to understand that your feelings, thoughts, needs, and problems are equally as important as those of others. That’s why you need to always take care of your own first before doing that for others.