9 Signs It’s Time To Call It Quits (Even if You Love Him)

Ending a relationship can feel impossible sometimes – especially when you’re still in love with the person you’re with. When there’s no lack of love, how do you know it’s time to move on? You can start by checking if any of these 9 things apply to you and your relationship.

  1. You’re Holding Out For Your Partner To Make A Big Change So Things Will Get Better. Maybe you’re making excuses and convincing yourself that your bf will change his mind about wanting kids/ getting married/ moving. Or maybe you’re waiting for him to adjust some personal or moral value that’s in direct conflict with your own. Either way, don’t do this. Either settle on a compromise, or end it.
  2. You’re Struggling To Resolve Your Problems – Big Or Small. Getting over disagreements used to feel easy, but at this point the issues have become so much more serious that you can’t seem to forgive and forget. You just keep arguing about the same things without reaching any resolution. Resentment is brewing.
  3. You’re Unhappy. The sad truth is that you can love someone, but not feel good when you’re together. To be blunt, there’s absolutely no point spending time with someone who makes you feel bad if you don’t have to. Choose the people who deserve your time and energy.
  4. You Spend Quite A Bit Of Time Thinking About What Else Might Be Our There. You fantasise about having a partner who is kinder, more open or more sensitive (even though you’d never dream of cheating). These thoughts could be highlighting a gaping hole in your relationship caused by all your needs that aren’t being met.
  5. You’re Not Getting What You Need Out Of The Relationship. You should never be in a relationship just for the sake of it – both parties deserve to be getting something out of it. Relationships are work – and why would you do the work if you aren’t seeing any results?
  6. You’re Being Abused. Don’t ever think that emotional abuse doesn’t ‘count’. Abuse is abuse. He may never lay a finger on you physically, but emotional pain is equally serious. Yelling, insults, gaslighting, isolating, humiliation… it’s all part of the deal. You need to save yourself.
  7. Things Aren’t Really Moving Forward, And Neither Of You Know Why. At any stage, a relationship should have a future you can actually see. If you’re sensing that he’s holding back and that you have absolutely no clue where he sees this relationship going, you need to find someone who will be serious about you.
  8. You’ve Broken Up And Got Back Together More Than Once. Once, you can still recover from. Three times? Consider that a sign it isn’t meant to be.
  9. You’re Reading This Because You’re Looking For An Excuse To End It. You need a sign? Here it is.

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