8 Reasons Why Strong And Smart Women Have A Hard Time Finding Love

Finding true, pure, once-in-a-lifetime kind of love is certainly not an easy journey. And it’s even harder for smart, strong women. Why? Well, the reason is simple. These women know their worth. They believe in their abilities and strength. They know very well who they are and what they want to achieve in life.

There are many stereotypes about single intelligent, badass women. Many people think they’re too self-confident, egocentric, and emotionally unavailable. They think they’re not interested in relationships and they don’t want to commit. They look at them like there’s something wrong with them.

But, as I said – these are just stereotypes and nothing more. Because smart, brave women who are used to being on their own are not conceited, shallow, miserable, or unable to love. They’re not difficult to handle and love. They’re simply strong and resilient and they’re aware of their worth.

They’re not afraid to stand up for themselves and they don’t let anyone disrespect them. Oh, and yeah, they don’t waste their time tolerating anyone’s bullsh*t. And as far as their love life is concerned …

Here are 8 reasons why finding love is so hard for strong, smart women:

1. They don’t settle.

These women have high standards. They know what they look for in their partner. They want someone who will treat them like they deserve and who will know how to appreciate them. And they won’t settle for anything less than that.

2. They are not afraid to defend themselves.

If someone said or did something bad to them, they won’t be afraid to speak up. They don’t keep quiet and keep their negative feelings to themselves. Instead, they call the person who did them wrong on his/her behavior and let them know they’ve crossed their boundaries.


3. They don’t need a man to feel whole.

They crave deep love and meaningful relationships. Yet, they don’t need a man so as to feel complete and whole. They don’t need a man to feel emotionally fulfilled and happy. They already feel that way. They want a man who will be their companion and who will be able to keep up with them.

4. They know when it’s time and how to move on.

A smart, strong woman will never beg someone for their attention and love. If her partner is not willing to offer her what she deserves and wants, she won’t stay with him. She will no longer be a part of a one-sided, mediocre relationship. She’ll no longer be with a man who is not able or willing to commit to her.

5. They never settle for being someone’s second option.

What? This is out of the question. A woman who is aware of her worth and the way she loves will never agree to be treated like a second option. She’d never be someone’s favorite pastime or convenience. Unless her man makes her his top priority and fully commits himself to her, she’ll never be with him.

6. They don’t play by the book.

Don’t expect a smart, strong woman to blindly follow your rules. She won’t behave like you expect and want her to behave. She has her own beliefs and moral principles and she always acts according to them. And she’ll never try to impose her rules on you. So, you better respect that or she’ll show you the door.

7. Their heart has been broken before.

They are tough, but that doesn’t mean they’re impervious to pain. They’ve dated men who played with their feelings and took their love for granted. Men who broke their heart.

And this has made them wiser and stronger. It has taught them that they should be more careful when choosing who deserves their trust and love.

8. They don’t seek other people’s validation.

They know that not all people will like and respect them. That’s why they don’t bother to please and meet everyone’s expectations of them, be that related to their career, friendships, personal, or love life. They know that the person who is worthy of their love will find them at the right time and until then they’ll never base their happiness and success on someone else.


Riley Cooper is a professional writer who writes informative and creative articles on topics related to various fields of study. Written with love and enthusiasm, her articles inspire readers to broaden their knowledge of the world, think and get ready to act.