8 Behaviors Toxic People Display And How To Handle Them Effectively

We have all met people whose behavior is highly negative and damaging. The main harm when it comes to toxic people is that by the time you realize how negatively they influence your mental and emotional well-being and the toxic grip they have on you, the damage will have been already done.

A toxic person can affect every part of your life in the same way any other toxin can harm your body. They can ruin your relationships with other people, shatter your confidence and self-esteem, and even make you question your own logic, perception of reality, and even sanity.

Unfortunately, you can’t avoid this kind of people because they’re everywhere around you. And if you don’t know how to deal with them, the can wreak havoc on your life.

So, to prevent them from having influence over you and protect your sanity, you need to be able to recognize the ways in which difficult and highly negative people behave. Knowing how they behave, you’ll be better prepared to handle them effectively in any situation.

Following is a list of 8 behaviors toxic people display and how you can handle them effectively:

1. They always change their behavior.

It’s difficult to tell what version of them you’re seeing at any given time because they hardly ever act the same. Today they might be the nicest, most compassionate, and loving person you’ve ever known and tomorrow they might simply ignore you like they’ve never met you before.

Sure, this will make you wonder whether you’ve said or done something to upset them and you may even try to make up for it and put things right. But, the truth is – you’ll never succeed in it.

What you should understand is that it’s not about you. You’re not the cause of their bad mood, unhappiness, or disappointment. When they give you the silent treatment, that’s their way of manipulating you. And if they refuse to discuss the issue, then most probably, there’s nothing to be discussed, right?

2. They make you feel like you owe something to them.

A toxic person will give you advice, do you a favor, and help you in any other way, or buy you expensive gifts, and shower you with sweet words and compliments, but don’t let this “kindness” confuse you.

They’re not being kind to you because they genuinely love and care about you. They do this because they have other intentions – they want you to do something for them – you know, pay back the favor. And guess what? That’s usually something that you’ll hate to do and they know this.

So, to avoid putting yourself in situations like this, don’t accept presents that appear out of proportion or favors you never asked for.

3. They’re never wrong.

No matter what they think, say, or do – they’re always right. Of course, this is true only in their own delusional, wicked world. They will make a mistake and hurt your feelings, but they’ll never own up to them and apologize to you.

To avoid taking responsibility for their mistakes and bad action, they’ll twist your words and the facts that you’ll end up in some silly argument about things and situations you don’t even remember happened.

So, never try to defend yourself or prove your point in an argument with them. And of course, get rid of the need to wait for them to apologize to you for the bad thing they’ve said or done to you.

4. They project their feelings on you.

A toxic person can accuse you of being too sensitive, jealous, clingy, or needy or even that you’re having a problem with them. Of course, when this comes from a person you didn’t expect, especially when you have nothing to be mad about at them, you end up feeling confused, disappointed, or even sad.

But, what you should understand is that this has nothing to do with you. It’s not you who is all those things mentioned above and it’s not you who is having a problem with them, but it’s them. They’re just projecting their own negative feelings on you, so don’t ever feel the need to defend yourself against their accusations.

5. They diminish you.

To make you feel less important than you, they’ll downplay the importance of your achievements and successes. The thing is that they’re jealous and can’t stand if someone is better than them.

Never allow them to make you doubt your own talents, abilities, and worth.

6. They avoid contact with you to punish you.

If you had to go somewhere or discuss something, they’ll simply disappear. They’ll go offline. They won’t answer your calls and respond to your messages or emails. They’ll even stay offline on social media so as to punish you with their silence.

But, never think that this is because you did something wrong. Because if you’d really done something that hurt their feelings, they’d be willing to discuss that with you, not avoiding you.

7. They don’t solve arguments.

Instead of talking things out and trying to reach a solution to your arguments, they twist your words and deny what one said or did. They’ll often create an argument about an argument, making you feel even more confused and putting you in a defensive position.

8. They use snide remarks.

To hurt your feelings and weaken your confidence and self-esteem, they’ll say something like: “Oh, you got promoted – well, you were lucky.” Of course, they’re not congratulating you – they’re just trying to make you feel like your successes are just a result of sheer luck and not your hard work and efforts.

So, remember, never take their snide, evil comments at heart.