6 Superpowers People Who Suffer From Anxiety Hide From Others

We all feel worried and nervous from time to time, like when we’re faced with problems, be that at home or at work, or when we have to make an important decision. However, to people who suffer from this kind of disorder, anxiety is much more than just a temporary feeling of worry or fear.

Anxiety is overwhelming, debilitating, and damaging. It’s constant dealing with unreasonable thoughts and panic attacks. It prevents the person suffering it from leading a normal life and being productive.

Undoubtedly, living with anxiety has many disadvantages, yet there’s one positive side. Anxiety is always accompanied by a heightened sense of perception. People struggling with anxiety have more developed perceptive skills than those who don’t suffer from this disorder. Oh, and yes, they possess certain superpowers that they successfully hide from others.

Here they are:

1. They can feel the energy of others.

People who suffer from anxiety can easily tell whether a person has a positive or negative energy. Negative people fill them with stress and make them feel uncomfortable while being in the company of positive people is always easy and relaxing.

2. They’re highly empathetic.

Not only do people struggling with anxiety have a good understanding of their own emotions, but they also understand very well the feelings and energy of other people. They’re more concerned about the way you feel than people who don’t have this disorder.

An anxious person can easily detect when you’re going through a tough period and will try their best to help you out.

3. They have a life-saving instinct.

Anxiety makes the person involved more aware of their surroundings. Moreover, it serves as a survival mechanism, thereby enabling the person suffering from it to sense danger and protect themselves from it.

4. They have high intelligence levels.

Maybe this is surprising to you, but it shouldn’t be. People suffering from this disorder spend a great amount of time and energy overthinking things. They constantly overanalyze their feelings, thoughts, opinions, and actions.

They never make a decision, no matter small or big, without envisioning the possible outcome of it.

5. They easily spot lies.

They can easily read other people’s minds. They can tell when a person is honest and has good intentions with them and when they’re trying to lie to them.

So, of a manipulative, dishonest person tries to take an advantage of them, an anxious person will be quick to reveal their true colors and stop them from doing it.

6. They’re detail-oriented.

Anxious people pay a really close attention to details. They notice details about other people and things surrounding them that most people usually miss.

And, of course, this is no wonder, since these people have highly developed perceptive skills.



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