10 Must-Read Books To Honor Women’s History Month

Women’s contributions throughout history have often been minimized, erased or otherwise removed from the public consciousness. Fortunately there are many great books that bring their stories to light. 

In honor of Women’s History Month, the folks over at Goodreads curated a list of books about women who made their mark on the world ― from more well-known names to relatively obscure stories. 

“To highlight the incredible lives of women throughout history, we looked at the most popular and highly rated biographies that have resonated with our community of 85 million members,” Goodreads co-founder and editor-in-chief Elizabeth Khuri Chandler told HuffPost.

“We also wanted to broaden our horizons, so we included biographies about women from different centuries and continents,” she added. “But the women had one thing in common: They all made an impact on our world, and this is the perfect month to celebrate that by learning more about their lives.”

Here are the 10 most popular books about women in history, as rated by Goodreads members: